About Us
Du Monde commitment:

  • All products are animal friendly - no animal was hurt in the development or production of the
    fabrics or the garments

  • Du Monde is social compliant' - no child labor, fair wages and benefits, clean and safe work

  • Du Monde focuses on Faux Fur only - we control the entire development process.... from
    fabric concepts / development (colors, designs, textures, double sided / bonded effects) to
    the design and styling of the garments and accessories.
Du Monde: "The REAL alternative to FUR!"

Faux Fur is our Business!

We provides customized business to business solutions for the private label
garment supply chain.

Our expertise encompasses know how from fabric design, to fabric and garment manufacturing.

We provide a complete service, from concept to in store solution for your garment needs.

We are a leader in faux fur, faux shearling and other pile fabrics.

It is our MISSION to prove the best textile solutions in design, manufacturing, quality, and supply
chain management - to ensure our customers world class products and service.

Du Monde:The solution for the discerning private label customer!