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"The REAL Alternative to Fur!"

                                Fabrics Inspired by Art and Nature…

Faux Fur is our Business!   

We provide customized business to business solutions for the private label garment supply chain.

 Our expertise encompasses know-how from fabric design, to fabric and garment manufacturing.

 We provide a complete service, from concept to in store solution for your garment needs.

 We are a leader in faux fur, faux shearling and other pile fabrics.

 It is our MISSION to prove the best textile solutions in design, manufacturing, quality, and supply chain management – to ensure our customers world class products and service.

 Du Monde: The solution for the discerning private label customer!

End to End Supply Chain Control
Design to Fabric to Garment to Fulfillment

Fabric Design / Production

Fully vertical fabric production from fiber forward:

  • in house dyeing
  • in house computer controlled knitting
  • in house printing
  • in house finishing
  • scheduling interactive with garment production

Garment Production

Integration of Fabric and garment production allows for • efficiencies in production and yield • unique products and customization • continuous quality control and Just In Time - and Adaptive scheduling


End to End Project control

Initial concept - to sample - to production
LDP / DDP solution Importer of Record

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