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About Us
The recognized leader in faux fur : We provide customized business to business solutions for the private label garment supply chain.

Faux Fur is our Business!

Our expertise encompasses the know how to provide a complete service from concept, to POS solutions for your garment needs. Du Monde uses faux fur in designs that are only limited by imagination, whether it be full faux fur garments, shearlings, or faux fur combined with the fabric of your choosing. We will develop your unique design from fiber, to fabric, to garments, all tailored to your customer needs.

Du Monde Commitment:

Honest and straight forward information – No #GREENWASHING.

All products are animal friendly – no animal was hurt in the development or production of the fabrics or the garments.
Du Monde is social compliant’ – no child labor, fair wages and benefits, clean and safe work environment.

Du Monde’s specialty are Faux Fur, faux shearling / faux leather – we control the entire development process…. from fabric concepts / development (colors, designs, textures, double sided / bonded effects) to the design and styling of the garments and accessories.


Art and Artisan Craftsmanship … in Fabrics and Garments

Extending the Center of Excellence to a Chain of Excellence  in All we Do!

Style DUMONDE Style Du Monde

Our Expertise and Passion:
Pile Fabrics and Faux Fur Garments!


From Fabric to Garment to Distribution....
Coordinated Control every step of the way!

Fabric Production

Fully vertical fabric production from fiber forward:

  • in house dyeing
  • in house computer controlled knitting
  • in house printing
  • in house finishing
  • scheduling interactive with garment production

Garment Production

Integration of Fabric and garment production allows for 

  • efficiencies in production and yield
  • unique products and customization
  • continnuous quality control and Just In Time – and Adaptive scheduling

Project Control – Fulfillment

Du Monde – Your single contact for

  • initial concept to samples to production.
  • LDP solution
  • Importer of record
  • audited compliance
  • accredited by all major retailers
  • BSCI