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Du Monde commitment:

  • All products are animal friendly - no animal was hurt in the development or production of the
    fabrics or the garments

  • Du Monde is social compliant' - no child labor, fair wages and benefits, clean and safe work

  • Du Monde focuses on Faux Fur only - we control the entire development process.... from
    fabric concepts / development (colors, designs, textures, double sided / bonded effects) to
    the design and styling of the garments and accessories.
Du Monde: "The REAL alternative to FUR!"

Faux Fur is our Business!

We provides customized business to business solutions for the private label
garment supply chain.

Our expertise encompasses know how from fabric design, to fabric and garment manufacturing.

We provide a complete service, from concept to in store solution for your garment needs.

We are a leader in faux fur, faux shearling and other pile fabrics.

It is our MISSION to prove the best textile solutions in design, manufacturing, quality, and supply
chain management - to ensure our customers world class products and service.

Du Monde:The solution for the discerning private label customer!
Sliver Knit Manufacturing Processes:
Sliver knit fabrics are also referred to as 'fabric made from fiber'. The knitting process creates a true three
dimensional pile fabric. The back is (usually) a jersey knit utilizing polyester yarn
(s). All elements of the
fabric can be engineered to create desired effects: The pile can be blended utilizing different fiber staples
(wool, acrylic, cotton, polyester....) to create function and look. We can knit patterns through a jacquard
technique - or for that matter utilize the blending and the jacquard technique to place fibers in a particular
sequence to create patterns and functions.
The back knit can utilize from monofilament yarns (for most efficient and defect free operation) to double
yarns (for extra durability or effect - such as elasticity, abrasion or flame retardant properties etc).
Nice Gain utilizes modern back-coating techniques. Non directional 'foam coating', for efficient and
penetrating application - and for controlled application rates. Special blending of the coating compound
gives Nice Gain the ability to 'fine tune' the performance and hand of the fabric.

One of the key advantages of sliver knitting is the speed to market as the components of the fabric can be
modified by Nice Gain directly. Dyeing of fibers, printing, embossing and of course the in house jacquard
design development. We do not have to wait yarns to be made to order. We start with the raw fiber.

Nice Gain has the several in hose dye technologies: Atmospheric as well as High Pressure stock dyeing.
The factory can handle Acrylic, Modacrylic, Polyester, Wool, Polyamide as well as cotton. Obviously
producer dyed colors are used as well. The dye house abilities allows for great flexibility and speed to

The production process starts with the blending of the fibers. The textile engineers and designers
determine optimum blend of fibers to achieve hand, color, texture (shrink, various thickness of staples)
performance characteristics (wicking, flame retardant, etc) and the fibers are mixed or blended to achieve
a homogeneous blend.
Carding / Roving
The mixed fibers are then carded, a process during which the fibers are aligned parallel to each other. The
process gives the fibers a slight twist to ensure that the resulting roving is meets the specifications for the
particular knit set up.

Nice Gain production and processes are based on the Meyer Knitting machines and systems. These
machines represent the state of the art in sliver knitting technology. The jacquard capable machines are
computer controlled and interface directly with the in-house CAD and design department. The jacquard
process is software driven and designs can be changed 'on the fly' (as long as the same rovings can be
used). The jacquard set up allows for a theoretically 'unlimited' repeat over the length and the repeat over
the width is fully customizable as well.

After the circular knitting process the fabric is slit and enters the finishing process.
Entering the stenter frame the fabric is back-coated with an acrylic latex solution. The stenter frame cures
the coating and pulls and feeds the fabric in a precise way that the fabric has the correct width and weight.
After the stenter frame the fabric is sheared to the proper height.
Then several processes and combination of processes create the final product:
Tumbling - for Berber and Sherpa looks, as well as soft drape and hand
Polishing - the face finishing that is essential for high quality fur imitations
Steaming - Pattern Steaming: targeted heat application for shrink fibers and wool
Brushing - Pattern Brushing: to create real looking fur patterns, swirls,
Persian lamb looks,
Pattern Shearing: for High / Low effects
Tip discharge / tip dyeing: Print processes that create multiple layers of colors in one
              fiber strand. Most often used in 'frosted' look, or high end faux furs.
Washing: modify the hand and performance of the fabric
Needle Punching: create a faux wool look
Back Brushing: create a two sided fur look
Metal detector: this process is used in combination with other finishing processes and                        
checks for contamination

Final Inspection
All material has 100% inspection. Double face fabrics are inspected face and back.
Flaw marking data is shared with the garment factory / cutting room to ensure that marked areas are not

The garment factory is dedicated to the manufacture of pile fabrics. To achieve the highest quality
standards and finished we use many of the same techniques developed by furriers, from specialized
cutting to furrier sewing machines.

Due to the vertical process from design to fabric to garment design and garment production, Nice Gain
utilizes its technical capabilities to fine tune fabric as well as garment production for the benefit of quality
control and fit. The process allows for minimal storage and handling of the fabric.

Our integrated quality control systems specialize in either fabric and garment production, our vertical set up
and hands on approach gives us immediate corrective ability and feedback from fiber to finished garment.
Every yard of fabric and every garment are fully inspected.